About Me

I live in Providence, RI, and I work as an Associate Director of Communications at Wheaton College, in Norton, MA. I also work as a researcher with the eSports company Azubu, and have studied and written about sports media. Additionally, I am a Research Affiliate with the MIT Game Lab.

I graduated in 2003 from Haverford College, a Quaker school just outside of Philadelphia, where I studied Religion. After college I taught English and History at George School, a Quaker co-educational boarding school in Bucks County, PA. After working as a professional sound designer for TV and videogames, I began working at a videogame research lab at MIT. In 2013, I completed work on my master’s of science in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, writing about sports videogames.

I have authored a number of articles about sports and sports media, and am co-editor of the book Sports Videogames.