An Old Hope – Continued

Published on: Apr 19 2012 by Abe Stein

For those of you who read the original piece over at Kill Screen, I’ve decided to continue here on A Simpler Creature the story of the 35 year-old Rookie Abe Stein, currently playing for the Erie SeaWolves, a AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. I’m going to play out the career a bit, occasionally posting some videos and stats of my experiences. Should be a fun little project.

It will be interesting to see how far my player can advance, and at what point I reach the end of my willingness to press forward trying to make it to the Majors. So far, he is doing pretty well, without too many huge hiccups except for a crazy injury early in the first season.

To start out, I’m going to post two videos that I think do a nice job of illustrating the two sides of the aged baseball player experience, the triumph and the failure. In the first, I strike out a batter on a nasty cut fastball and walk off the mound to cheers. In the second, I give up a deep homerun and watch dejectedly as the ball flies over the fence.


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