It’s just a game…

Published on: Jan 26 2012 by Abe Stein

I’ve been simming the Super Bowl. A lot. I’ll explain this more in detail another time, but I am running 25 simulations of the upcoming Patriots v. Giants Super Bowl using Madden NFL 12.

To say that I have a vested intrest in the outcome of the real game is an understatement. I had planned to run these sims before the playoffs started, and I did not know who would be in the final championship game. Now that my team, the New England Patriots, have a rematch of their infamous loss to the Giants, my simulations have taken on new meaning.

“It’s just a game,” I tried to remind myself, but with 52 seconds left in the first simulation, with the Patriots down by 1 point, I found myself leaning ever more forward. I felt silly, watching these digital players float around the field (Madden┬ácharacters, for whatever reason, don’t seem to really be touching the ground with their feet). I laughed and shrugged off my interest as my focus heightened none-the-less. I think I – oh my god did I? – I did. I let out a cheer when the field goal kick split the uprights, securing the Super Bowl win for my digital Patriots. I may have woken my son.

No there’s nothing wrong with me. This is not strange at all, right? I am surprised, though, by how much a simulated sport has managed to engage my attention, and my competitive spirit. I’ll need to explore this more… stay tuned.

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